Aircraft Detailing

Aircraft Detailing

Like a boat, aircraft need detailing. Your aircraft is a major investment, whether for personal or business use. It’s a complex piece of machinery that requires regular and careful maintenance. You want your aircraft’s engine and navigational equipment to be in tip-top shape every time you fly. That’s important for your safety and the aircraft’s efficiency. Your aircraft also needs regular cleaning.

Regular detailing will keep your plane looking great. It will be more fun to fly. If it is a business aircraft, you want it to look its best at all times so it impresses clients and maintains your flying reputation.

An aircraft is going to get dirty. It will often be exposed to the weather, and in the airport, the environment will accumulate some grease, oil, and chemical traces on its surfaces. Aircraft surfaces are prone to scratching and pitting.

We will do a complete detail using a combination of cleaner wax and compound, rejuvenating past, and a polymer- Teflon sealant. All chrome and aluminum are polished including the spinners. The leading edge will be cleaned and protected. The belly of the planes is cleaned and waxed.

Regular detailing will keep your aircraft looking great. Easier to clean. It will please any customers and make recreational flying a better experience. It improves a plane’s resale value. Wizard of Wax can show you the advantages of regular aircraft detaining. We provide our professional Detailing Services in North Billerica, MA, and the surrounding areas!

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