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Owning a fleet of world-class vessels or aircraft is an accomplishment that brings more than monetary satisfaction. While you’re sailing the seas or flying miles above the atmosphere, make sure that your fleet vehicle is shining as bright as its owner. We want to help you achieve this with our boat detailing Boston services!

Our mission at the Wizard of Wax is to help fleet owners maintain pristine vessels and aircraft. Our team has more than two decades of experience in the industry, this allows us to offer superior service standards to our competitors.

Boston Boat Detailing

Cleaning your boat is a great way to maintain its aesthetic appeal and physical condition. Our team uses specialty cleaning tools and cleaning solutions that are tough on bacteria. We use a combination of wax and sealants to ensure the exterior of your boat is protected.

Aircraft Detailing in Boston

Aircraft need to be maintained to a very high degree in order to ensure safe operating conditions. That’s why we use tailored cleaning techniques that directly target all-important areas of your air taxi. Aircraft engine, wing, window, and interior detailing is something that our technicians are passionate about.

Boston Fleet Detailing

Make sure that your company maintains a professional image across all fronts by regularly washing your fleet. Our team uses non-abrasive chemicals that are tough on dirt while simultaneously protecting the appearance of your vehicle.

Motorhome Detailing in Boston

If you live traveling the world in your RV, cleaning it on a regular basis will help you navigate more smoothly. We provide top-quality RV detailing services for motorhome owners of all types, we perform thorough interior and exterior cleaning.

Shrink Wrapping Boats in Boston

Boat storage in harsh weather conditions and unpredictable climates can be a real challenge. Shrink wrapping your boat can protect it from harmful weather and physical damage. Our team has the required experience to delicately wrap your boat properly, this ensures all areas are covered without getting damaged.

If you own a boat, motorhome, aircraft, or fleet in Boston MA, our crew can help you keep them pristine at all times. We offer affordable pricing options on all of our services in addition to ensuring our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment so you can experience the results that only The Wizard of Wax can deliver!

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