Shrink Wrapping Boats

Shrink Wrapping Boats

If you have a boat in a climate like Massachusetts, you probably are going to need to store it for the cold seasons. It needs to be winterized so it can stand up to wind, snow, ice and rain. The usual methods are using either a tarp or shrink wrap. Tarps are notorious for being caught in high wind and ripping. Probably the best method is shrink wrapping your boat. Wizard of Wax provides quality shrink wrapping that will protect your boat.

The process includes building a wooden frame and poly ropes, and the wrap will be draped over these, assembles and made taut by heat. You want good quality wrap. Thickness is important, with 7 mil the usual for winter storage (shrink wrap can also be used for boats being hauled long distances. The wrap usually covers the boat from the waterline up.

Our Wizard of Wax shrink wrap technicians are experienced. The wrap has to be applied with care, so that the more delicate features such as antennas and radar are not damaged. The wrap must allow for some ventilation to protect the boat from mildew. If access to the boat is required, we can install a zipper door in the wrap.

You may be tempted to try shrink wrapping your boat as a DIY project, but don’t. Some of the required equipment is potentially dangerous if not handled properly, and an inadequate job will not protect your boat. Your boat is a significant investment and important to your summer recreation. Leave shrink wrapping to professionals.

A Wizard of Wax shrink wrapping will be well done, and will protect your boat from snow, rain, and ice, and allow you to start quickly using your boat when the season starts.

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