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The Wizard of Wax is known as the best and highest-rated detailing and waxing company in Brockton MA. We offer a wide variety of services that include several specialties, including boat detailing in Brockton MA. Our professional and experienced team has more than 40 years in the waxing and detailing business and prides itself in using only the most state-of-the-art products that are also safe for the environment.

Although we specialize in boat and fleet detailing in Brockton, we do provide detailing and waxing services for a wide variety of clientele, including services for aircraft, motor homes, and RVs in eastern Massachusetts. We are known as the premier boat detailing company in our region. Our professional team knows how to tackle any boat and has detailed boats made out of a variety of materials and varying sizes. Regardless of the variety or size, the result of a Wizard of Wax boat detailing will have your boat looking new. We even have been known for shrink wrapping boats in Brockton MA as well.

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The Wizard of Wax also offers special services in aircraft detailing in Brockton. We know that an aircraft is a major investment and is a complex piece of machinery that requires regular and careful maintenance. Part of that maintenance should be a regular aircraft cleaning. Regular detailing will keep your airplane not only looking its best at all times but will help remove all of the grease, oil, and chemical traces on its surfaces. We offer a complete detail from waxing and sealants that will include a polish of all surfaces of your plane from tail to nose.

The Wizard of Wax team also offers the best fleet detailing in Brockton. When it comes to choosing a fleet detailing company, we know that it’s an important decision that can affect the bottom line of your business. That’s why we take Brockton fleet detailing seriously. Your fleet can be your best form of advertising and representation of your company. Whether small or large, there is one thing that’s the same: you want your trucks to look great. You can achieve that by scheduling a routine cleaning of your trucks with the best and highest rated fleet detailing, a Wizard of Wax specialty.

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We also offer RV and motorhome detailing in Brockton. A routine and thorough cleaning of your motorhome should be part of your routine maintenance program to keep your investment not only in the best shape possible but also keep its trade-in or resale value. Depending on your need, budget, or size of your RV, we offer several levels of detailing services to meet your exact needs. The Wax Wizard team also offers overspray paint removal in Brockton, whether it is removing overspray from cars, boats, RVs, motor homes, trucks, and even aircraft.

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We are proud to serve the city of Brockton as well as its surrounding communities. Brockton offers a convenient shopping destination at Westgate Mall, as well as a variety of restaurants and eateries that offer a culinary tour of the world. Whether you are looking for boat detailing, a fleet cleaning or RV detailing in Brockton MA, The Wizard of Wax should be your first call. Our work is fully backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We make it a point of pride to work closely with our clients so that we not only meet but exceed their expectations.

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