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Specialty vehicles such as boats and aircraft can be very valuable assets if maintained properly. However, that is easier said than done especially for owners in Dartmouth, MA who assume that they can take on the challenge independently. If you want to ensure that your fleet vehicles are cleaned and maintained correctly, you should hire a professional fleet detailing company. At Wizard of Wax, our team specializes in providing reliable, safe, and high-quality fleet detailing services for owners of all types. We have been providing boat detailing Dartmouth services for years so you know you can count on us to get the job done right.

We offer a wide range of different services designed to assist you in maintaining a highly-functional fleet. Our team has over 40 years of experience in the industry which allows us to deliver superior service quality to all of our clients. All of our detailing technicians are equipped with industry-leading tools and equipment to provide you with visible results.

Boat Detailing in Dartmouth

Prolonged exposure to sunlight, saltwater, and more can lead to your boat developing rust and other aesthetic problems. Our boat detailing services are carried out using powerful cleaner waxes and Teflon sealants, these compounds allow our technicians to remove dirt and stains while protecting your vehicle from future damage. Our Hull Only detail option gives you a complete wash from the water line to the end of the rub rail, we also offer a total exterior detailing option which cleanses the entire exterior of your boat. Because of our extensive experience in the industry, we are renowned as the best boat detailing company in Dartmouth, MA.

Dartmouth Shrink Wrapping Boats

If you live in an area that has rather cold winter months, we also specialize in shrink wrapping boats. This can help you preserve the functionality of your boat while protecting it from damage due to extreme weather. Shrink wrapping boats in Dartmouth can help to keep your boat looking like new when it is not in use. One of our other really popular service options is overspray paint removal, which assists you in removing paint or other substances that may be impacting the quality of your existing paint job.

Expert RV Detailing in Dartmouth

For those adventurers who like exploring the world on wheels, our RV detailing services are perfect for you. We provide comprehensive cleaning of your RV including areas such as its roof, tires, awnings, and more. Often times, motorhome detailing is best performed before any major expedition or trip that you plan on taking to ensure that your vehicle will be prepared to handle the road under any conditions.

Dartmouth Aircraft Detailing

Our services don’t stop there, we also offer aircraft detailing designed to assist owners in maintaining clean and functional planes. Our aircraft detailing services are carried out using a combination of wax compounds, sealants, and other materials that help to preserve the quality of your vehicle while removing dirt and stains at its core.

If you’re interested in our services and would like a free quote, please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form on our website to get started. All of our fleet detailing services are affordably priced and come backed by a 100% service guarantee which ensures that you are protected throughout the entire process. When you need a high-quality clean for your fleet vehicles, contact us at Wizard of Wax so we can help you

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