Overspray Paint Removal

Overspray Removal

When people think of overspray, they tend to imagine that it’s paint that was sprayed accidentally from some project such as repainting a car. It actually can be from several different sources and is not always painted. It’s also not always sprayed. The most common cause is commercial power plants or painting projects. Whatever it is, Wizard of Wax overspray removal will remove it. We remove overspray from cars, but also from boats, RVs, motor homes, trucks, and even aircraft.

One source of overspray is spray paint vandalism. Fortunately, it’s rare, but vandals can go through a neighborhood and spray almost every vehicle. It could be due to a Halloween prank, or it could be malicious targeting. Whatever motivates vandals, if you are victimized, you will want fast and thorough removal.

A neighbor’s spray painting lawn chairs can cause overspray by wind-blowing paint particles your way. Your vehicle can pick up overspray from freshly painted road surfaces or fresh parking lot striping. Your boat might get some overspray from another boat in the marina being repainted. Your car can get overspray from other neighborhood spray paint projects involving houses or fences, or sprayed stucco or concrete. It’s less common, but boats and aircraft can also experience overspray issues.

Overspray removal must be done with care. Your vehicle’s original paint consists of several layers, including primer, a base coat, and a clear coat. The paint is designed to look good for a long time, but its shine can be affected by some of the chemicals and processes that remove overspray. If the wrong cleansers are used, or even if the removal process is not done well, the paint can be seriously damaged.

Overspray removal of any kind is best done by professionals. Wizard of Wax overspray removal specialists are experienced at identifying the substance and knowing what cleaning process to use. We will respond quickly and get that overspray removed from your property.

We specialize in large insurance claims for which 100+ vehicles are affected. We provide our professional Overspray Removal Services in North Billerica, MA, and the surrounding areas!

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