Wizard of Wax offers a range of services for your car, truck, boat, RV, mobile home or aircraft. We detail power and sailboats. We clean and wax the hull above the waterline (or all the hull if the boat is on a trailer). A Wizard of Wax detail of your boat will remove rust and oxidation, clean hatches and compartments, and polish metalwork. In the interior we clean bilges, carpet, counters, bath and cooking areas, windows, and sleeping areas. We also shrink wrap boats to ready them for the winter.

We detail RVs and mobile homes, including everything from wheels to the top of your vehicle. We remove oxidation and the buildup of dust and dirt, then we wax and polish it. Wizard of Wax technicians detail the interior of your vehicle, including deep cleaning carpet, washing windows, cleaning kitchen and bathroom surfaces, appliances and the driver’s area.

We detail aircraft, both business and recreational. We do both wet and dry washes, using EPA certified safe cleaners. We clean, wax and buff all the airplane’s surfaces, and also clean all other parts, including the gear. The plane’s interior is cleaned, including cockpit, all seats and cushions, compartments and anything else in the interior.

Regular detailing is an important part of maintaining your vehicles, boat or aircraft. Clean and polished, your investment value is maintained, and recreational value is enhanced. Resale or trade-in value is assured. World of Wax detailing maintains appearance with the same luster it had when you bought it.

World of Wax also specializes in removing overspray. Overspray may originate with vandalism, road or parking lot paint, a neighbor’s DIY projects, even sprayed concrete or stucco material. We have the experience to identify the substance and clean it properly.

Whether it’s your RV, your boat, whether it’s a fleet commercial vehicles or recreational vacation vehicles, a World of Wax detailing will enhance performance and appeal.

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