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Cambridge, MA, is synonymous with history and rooted in tradition. At Wizard of Wax, we believe in the integrity of the old school ways and for more than 40 years have been providing the premier boat detailing in Cambridge, MA. Our boat detailing company has grown to become the most trusted name in a boat, RV, auto, airplane, and fleet detailing for Cambridge residents. No matter what your preferred mode of transportation, Wizard of Wax offers detailing, waxing, and winterizing services to help clean and protect your assets.

There are several reasons that boat detailing in Cambridge, MA, is a critical part of caring for and maintaining your boat. Your boat is consistently exposed to the weather and saltwater. Grime, grease, and oil stains can quickly build upon the exterior and if you use your boat for fishing, debris from catching and cleaning your fish can easily result in messes. Exposure to air and water cause oxidation on the hull and other surfaces and the UV exposure from the sun can degrade your wax after only a few months. The experienced team at Wizard of Wax offers customized boat detailing in Cambridge, MA, designed to clean, sanitize, and polish any boat materials and surfaces.

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When you are ready to prepare your boat for the harsh New England winter, Wizard of Wax offers winterizing services that include shrink wrapping boats in Cambridge, MA. We ensure that your boat remains protected from snow, rain, and ice, as well as mildew and other issues that can arise from improper shrink-wrapping techniques. If you are a boat owner in Massachusetts, Wizard of Wax is your local provider of quality services you need to keep your boat in the best condition possible and ready for you to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

An aircraft is a major investment. Whether you use it for personal or business use, you will depend on aircraft detailing in Cambridge, MA, to keep your aircraft looking its best and to prevent scratching and pitting caused by built-up dirt, grime, and oil. The same is true for your commercial fleet of vehicles. We understand the importance of maintaining and protecting the vehicles that impact your bottom line. Our fleet detailing in Cambridge is comprehensive and always up to date with local, state, and federal regulations, protecting your business as well as your vehicles. If you are looking for the best Cambridge fleet detailing services for your trucks, cars, semis, aircraft, vans, or other vehicle or heavy equipment, trust the experts at Wizard of Wax.

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In addition to our top-rated boat detailing in Cambridge, MA, Wizard of Wax also offers complete motorhome detailing in Cambridge. We offer several levels of RV detailing in Cambridge, MA, to provide you with the services that meet your needs and your budget. This maintains your investment and protects the resale or trade-in value of your motorhome. Our protection also saves you time when washing you so have more time to spend on the road.

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Call or visit Wizard of Wax today to learn more about our premium detailing services, including boat detailing in Cambridge, MA, and RV detailing in Cambridge, MA. Be sure to ask us about our other specialty services like overspray paint removal and Cambridge fleet detailing. We offer free estimates on our detailing services and look forward to helping you maintain and protect your commercial and recreational assets.

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