Boat, Fleet, Aircraft, and RV Detailing Falmouth, MA

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Boat, Fleet, Aircraft, and RV Detailing in Falmouth, MA

When it comes to owning a fleet of boats or commercial vehicles, a proper maintenance routine is critical for their upkeep. Boats, RVs, aircraft, and company fleets are representations of their owners, make sure yours send the right statement. If you need helping cleaning any of your commercial vehicles, you’ve come to the right place for a boat detailing company in Falmouth.

We are the experts known as The Wizard of Wax, our team has 40+yrs of experience in the industry. We have helped a wide variety of boat, fleet, and aircraft owners ensure the cleanliness and quality of their vehicles. Aside from detailing, we also provide shrink wrapping Falmouth so that you can avoid damage while your boat is not in use.

Fleet Detailing

If you own a fleet of company vehicles, you need to maintain a crisp image so that customers understand your mission. Our technicians use cutting-edge equipment and non-abrasive cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt and easy on your paint.

Boat Detailing

Keeping your vessels free of dirt and bacteria build-up can help your boat run smoother. We employ the use of targeted cleaning techniques to ensure that your boat is shiny and functioning property. Our Teflon sealant rigorously protects your boat from exterior damage and the onset of corrosion.

RV Detailing

We use wax and specially formulated compounds that are designed to protect and polish your vehicles. Our team specializes in motorhome detailing that is thorough and effective, we clean every inch of your RV leaving no dirt behind.

Aircraft Detailing

We use restorative paste and a polymer-Teflon sealant blend that restores weakened areas of your plane. Our extensive cleaning process thoroughly addresses all problem areas of your aircraft leaving behind spotless results.

Shrink Wrapping Boats

Harsh climates can really impact the structural quality of your boat. The best way to avoid serious damage is by shrink wrapping your boat. We use high-strength poly ropes and wooden frames to give your boat the perfect shrink-wrap fit. Shrink wrapping boats Falmouth is one of our specialties that we have been working on for years!

If you own a business fleet, boat, RV, aircraft, or boat located in Falmouth, MA that needs a good cleaning, give us a call today!

We offer 100% protection on all of our cleaning services and provide affordable pricing options.

Contact The Wizard of Wax to transform your commercial vehicle into a stunning sight!

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