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boat detailing Taunton

Looking for the best company for boat detailing in Taunton, MA? Look no further than The Wizard of Wax. We are one brand that stands tall among the others. Here at The Wizard of Wax, we pride ourselves on being the best boat detailing service in Taunton, MA.

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For more than 40 years, we have been establishing our brand in the hearts of the people in North Eastern Massachusetts, from aircraft detailing to fleet detailing in Taunton. The level of difficulty for each project doesn’t matter. Rest assured that we can get the job done any day.

If you’re committed to having that sheen on your mobile transports, having The Wizard of Wax on it is your best choice. We are known as the best fleet detailing company in Taunton. Several companies in Taunton offer these services. However, some of them are not reliable. Many Taunton fleet detailing companies are only after the profits and not customer satisfaction.

With The Wizard of Wax, you can be assured of getting the best services at an affordable rate. With the best tools and expert personnel, we can get the job done in no time. We can clean any of your vehicles, from boats to RV’s. At the same time, we will protect the body of your vehicle and any fiberglass from harm.

Offering Aircraft Detailing, Motorhome Detailing in Taunton, and Boat Detailing


For boat detailing in Taunton, MA, boat owners regard our company as the best option. We are known for leaving no stone unturned. Depending on the boat’s condition, we use cleaning compounds, wax, polymer, rejuvenating paste, and Teflon sealants. This ensures that your boat is kept in the best condition.

Are you concerned about some substances appearing on the surface of your vehicles? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Removing overspray without damaging the clear coat can be tasking and also complicated at the same time. However, our team of experts has handled issues like this for a long time. We have the right tools that will help you clear that difficult stain from your surface panel. Please give us a trial today.

For motorhomes detailing in Taunton, MA, cleaning is an important aspect. However, it isn’t easy to pull off. Over the years of practice in Taunton, Rv holders have commended our efforts in helping them handle this difficult task.

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For anything concerning Rv detailing in Taunton, MA, citizens have relied on us, and we have never failed them. When it comes to exterior and interior detailing,  all our detailers have the proper tools and professional experience to get the job done in no time.

Professional Aircraft detailing will keep your plane, jet, or helicopter in good condition. Aircraft detailing requires specialist knowledge, reliable tools, and products that will help maintain the detailed standards of a plane.

For the exterior, we will debug all leading edges before the actual wash. We also perform a belly de-grease operation to ensure that grease won’t damage the paintwork. Both the spinners and the boots would be detailed with unique cleaning products. This and many more do we have to offer when you call for us.

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Founded in 1637, Taunton, MA, is known as one of the oldest towns in the United States, known famously as the silver city. It is located in Bristol County, with a population of more than 50,000 people.

We also offer shrink-wrapping of boats in Taunton, MA. We can shrink wrap your boats, crates, or agricultural equipment. If you are in Taunton, MA, or its surrounding cities and you need any form of detailing, overspray paint removal, or shrink wrapping, at The Wizard of Wax, we are here to deliver. Just give us a call today.

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