Boat, Plane, RV, Fleet Detailing in Danvers, MA

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Boat, Plane, RV, Fleet Detailing in Danvers, MA

If you own a boat, RV, fleet, or aircraft you already know how difficult it can be to keep them clean. There are several components and factors to take into consideration before cleaning a commercial vehicle which is why you should always leave it up to a professional. If you’ve been having trouble finding good boat detailing Danvers services to assist you with this issue, your efforts have finally paid off.

We are The Wizard of Wax, a high-quality commercial vehicle cleaning provider with 40+yrs of experience in the industry. Our team uses a combination of specially formulated solutions and innovative tools to deliver outstanding cleaning results.

RV/Motorhome Detailing in Danvers

Being a free spirit by traveling the country in your RV can be an exhilarating experience. Our team uses high-quality cleaner wax and polymer compounds to deliver restorative shine to your motorhome. This increases your visibility and allows you to rest assured knowing your motorhome is safe and clean.

Danvers Aircraft Detailing

We use Teflon and polymer compounds to deliver stunning shine and restoration to your aircraft. Our technicians painstakingly clean every inch of your plane from belly to tip so that you can fly in confidence.

Fleet Detailing in Danvers

Making sure that your company maintains a solid image across all fronts is critical. Our fleet detailing services utilize restorative wax and Teflon sealants that protect your vehicles from further damage.

Danvers Boat Detailing

Sailing the seas in a clean boat is second to none, our team can help you maintain a pristine boat at all times. We use tough sealants and restorative wax cleaners to deliver lasting results that are visible for a long time.

Shrink Wrapping Boats in Danvers

Protect your boat from material damage due to severe weather conditions. Our team uses a proprietary process of wooden templates and polymer ropes to secure the fit. Once we shrink wrap your boat, you’ll never have to worry again.

All of our services listed above are available to any boat, RV, fleet, or aircraft owner located in Danvers, MA. We ensure all of our work with a 100% guarantee, so you never have to worry, contact us today to find out more.

The Wizard of Wax is here to help you take care of your vehicles the right way!

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