Fleet Detailing

Fleet Detailing

Many businesses have a fleet of trucks. Your fleet in many cases is your best form of advertising and representation of your company. Whether the fleet is small or large, there is one thing that’s the same: you want your trucks to look great. You achieve that by regularly cleaning your trucks. Truck fleet detailing is a Wizard of Wax specialty.

Your trucks are much like your business. Potential customers are much more apt to shop in a business location if it is clean and has a contemporary and fresh look. Each of your trucks is a moving advertisement for your business. If your trucks look great, they will make a positive impression. If they look grungy and dull, they will make a negative impression.

When your fleet is detailed, your employees will take better care of your fleet. It will be easier to clean, and drivers take a sense of pride to ensure that they stay clean. A Wizard of Wax fleet detailing will consist of a combination of a cleaner wax and compound, rejuvenation paste along with a Polymere-Teflon sealant. All chrome and aluminum will be polished. Tires will be cleaned and dressed. Windows inside and out are cleaned. We thoroughly clean the truck’s interior, including the cab, making sure the seats and cushions are clean, the dashboard and all other spaces. Your drivers will appreciate it. So will your customers.

A Wizard of Wax truck detailing cleans your trucks thoroughly. We’ll detail one truck, or your whole fleet. We’ll do it one time, or arrange regular detailing.
Thoroughly detailing your trucks regularly will keep them looking good. Regular Wizard of Wax detailing will make sure that your fleet creates good impressions on people who do business with you and potential customers alike.

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