Horse Trailer Detailing

Horse Trailer Detailing

Wizard of Wax is your local detailing and waxing company for all types of horse trailers and related equipment. For all of our customers who are in the horse training/showing industry, we know that you have put a lot of time, investment, and love into your beautiful horses. Our goal is to help you transport your beloved horses safely and in a very distinctive, clean style. Wizard of Wax professionals offer a wide range of horse trailer detailing services that will keep your horse trailer in a like new condition that you, and your horses, will enjoy.

Our horse trailer detailing services are available on several different levels. We recommend, at least once or twice a year, a complete detailing service. This service is a top-to-bottom, front-to-back detailing service that includes detailed attention to every single inch of your trailer. Our team members use a combination of cleaner wax and compound, rejuvenating paste, and a polymer-Teflon sealant, in order to provide our detailing projects with the cleanest results possible. For our horse trailer projects, we offer services that clean all windows, cargo doors, trailer floors, walls, running boards, fenders, wheel wells, tires, rims, and door tracks. Furthermore, we thoroughly polish all chrome and aluminum fixtures on your trailer.

When you move your horse(s) from place to place, we guarantee that you will arrive in style. A clean trailer translates into a deep caring for your horse and the horse’s accommodations. It is also beneficial for your horse, because cleanliness of a trailer is directly related to healthiness of your horse.

Wizard of Wax employees have many years of experience detailing large vehicles around the New England area. We always strive for a 100% customer satisfaction rate, and we promise to work with each customer directly, in order to ensure a job well-done for each particular project. If we may be of service to you with any type of horse trailer detailing job, then please contact us today. We are eager to help you with all of your horse trailer details.

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